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Developing a brand that’s authentic to you and magnetic to those you most want to reach.


Working collaboratively or independently to make magic happen across brand-related disciplines.



Empowering you and your team with the awareness, skills and tools to build brands (and lives) you love.


Developing relationships that can flourish into new business, partnerships and other win-win opportunities.

“Working with Aviva is inspiring…in an hour conversation, we covered more than our team could have accomplished in a day. Here is someone who really understands branding and messaging, believes in the value of social enterprise, and knows how to guide you through the process of creating a clearer, results-oriented marketing strategy.”

– Ted Barber, Prosperity Candle

“As the founder of a new social enterprise, I have to wear a lot of different hats, but the skills in marketing, communication, and customer acquisition strategy that Aviva and her team brought to our project has allowed me to focus on product and growth… She is an absolute joy to work with.”

– Angela Campbell, Agora Fund

“In a short amount of time, Aviva was able to digest the information I gave her and respond with a half dozen sharp and actionable items. I hung up our call feeling enthusiastic where I had only minutes before felt stuck. Love the thought of having her in my corner.”

– Sashka Rothchild, Standbuy

“Before working with Aviva, I was unclear about the direction of our messaging and branding. Not only did we get our branding and messaging clear, she also went above and beyond and came up with additional exciting marketing ideas to launch at an upcoming event… I highly recommend Aviva before you make another investment.”

– Afrin Khan, Red Elephant

“Aviva is the only source I trust to help me communicate my mission. She is highly intuitive and spot on about what works and what doesn’t… Having her on your team is one of the best decisions for your business that you can make.”

– Elizabeth Webb, La Vida Femme

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